PURIFICATION of the body is vital to Good Health !

Have you noticed for some time decreased enrgy, lack of concentration…

Do you suffer from one or more of its pathologies : stress, headaces, depression, anxiety, overweight, joint pain, insomnia, skin problems, lung problems, various infections, moodiness… ?

Consequently if you answer YES to most of these questions there is good chance that your body need a good cleansing !


You have the choice between :

* binding solutions such as fasting, stricts diets, aggressive laxatives

* or pleasant solutions as drink a simple herbal tea recognized for its benefits on transit and purifying action.

A mixture with a delicious taste to be taken during lmeals and that does not need to change your habits.



A true natural complement to maintain or enable the return to wellness !

Formulated by Nutritional Science graduate Dr. Bill Miller, VelociTEA is a unique blend of natural and safe ingredients.

Its composition aims to gently cleanse the digestive tract, the other organs of elimination and detoxify the body and the blood.

Plants (persimmon leaves, malve leaves, milk thistle, marshmallow leaves and blessed thistle) grown in the United States WITHOUT insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers or synthetic fumigants.

It is even much more than a « simple detox tea » because it helps to improve your overall quality of life. Many people around the world have already experienced.

To order 2 months of VELOCITEA at a preferential rate of $79.95 directly from the distributing company the WHOLE WELLNESS CLUB (WWC), CLICK HERE !

You can order on the site :

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